A Few Things About Us

Here’s our story. Straight, no chaser.

In the beginning, there was DavisKim Consulting.

In January 1997, a tiny company was founded in Brooklyn in an even tinier apartment.

From day one we had a passion for partnering with visionary leaders to achieve ambitious goals.

In our first eight years, we developed brands, communications, and fundraising strategies for leading health, education, and philanthropy partners.

In 2015, we reemerged with a clear mission and relentless determination:

To accelerate organizational growth using innovative ideas and the power of branding to transform companies and nonprofits from the inside out.

Are you in?


Kim Davis Charlot

Founder, Ideator, and Activator

Kim’s been on a mission to create a better world since she was a teenager in Brooklyn. Her career began with a fire to strengthen social causes and that flame hasn't dimmed yet.

Kim has dedicated her career to partnering with leaders to accelerate growth. She is the founder of Simply Brilliant, a boutique brand strategy, branding, and communications agency.


Her client partners include: McKinsey & Company, Gilead COMPASS Initiative at Emory University, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Columbia University Medical Center, Landor-Shore Memorial Hospital, Brooklyn Community Foundation, Adesso, and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, to name a few.

Kim served as a management consultant with the Bridgespan Group and managing partner with BBMG, a social branding agency. As the managing director for Taproot Foundation New York, Kim increased the local budget by 200%, increased volunteers by 115%, and tripled the staff in 15 months. As the Executive Director for Spark Bay Area, she oversaw partnerships with 50+ companies and foundations, including Facebook, Google, Sony, Leapfrog, YouTube, and Walmart.com.


She taught MBA Marketing Research, Planning, and Management at Tulane University.


Kim earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Vassar College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

What my bio doesn't say 

I am a Brooklynite by birth and New Orleanian by marriage who loves things that grow and heal, art and artists, and creating the world I want for my grandchildren.

I recharge my batteries in prayer and enjoying time with my husband and son, Henry and David. I love practicing Bikram yoga, gardening, and growing my herbal products company, edensleaves.com.



Growth requires a new mindset and capabilities. Going to the edge where you are scared is where brilliance is born.

- Kim